ESGByte: Issue 13

In this issue of ESGByte – Clean energy seems to be the buzzword courtesy Norges Bank, EDF and Saudi Arabia(!) as BlackRock increases thrust on diversity. President Biden, meanwhile, continues with his climate agenda. Another oil major faces shareholder activism…

ESGByte: Issue 12

While the World Bank is looking at doing more on climate change, India gives another two years to coal plants to take climate change actions. Apple has renewable storage plans, Sinopec and Legal and General work towards net zero. US invests in sustainable water and EV battery upcycling gets a shot in the arm. Volkswagen and Tesla to make a transaction..

ESGByte: Issue 11

In this issue, sustainable investments inched higher, GE to power wind turbines in Vietnam, more investments in hydrogen fuel, additions to the net zero emissions targets and BP reported reduction in GHG emissions in pandemic year…

ESGByte: Issue 10

In this issue, US SEC evaluates more climate related disclosures and India considers net zero targets. While energy companies, BP and Total SE announce positive measures related to climate change management, the Canadian opposition party doesn’t see climate change as real. Shareholders at Toshiba make their voices heard…

ESGByte: Issue 9

In this issue, we see some positive policy action as the EU Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation comes onto effect and the US DoL chooses not to enforce ‘un- ESG friendly’ rules. We also see progress towards sustainability as HSBC plans on stronger emission goals, Shopify takes measures reduces its carbon footprint, and more investments flow in renewables and social impact..

ESGByte: Issue 8

In the eighth issue of ESGByte, we see increasing commitments to net zero emissions, more power to diversity in the workplace, government agencies in the US, Europe and Canada taking steps to boost ESG related issues and fund raising for ESG projects gaining ground..

ESGByte: Issue 7

In this edition, Green hydrogen picks up steam in Australia; BNP Paribas to answer for accusations against it on human rights violations; IKEA’s foundation gives a leg up to sustainable investing; Natwest supports affordable housing; we finally come to know what flying on an Airbus plane costs the planet in CO2 emissions; British gas embracing electric vehicles and Philips achieves carbon neutrality…

The True Cost Of Our Wardrobes

The fashion industry accounts for a tenth of global carbon emissions annually in addition to high natural resource consumption and environmental degradation. Its time that companies move to circular business models and we, as consumer, embrace sustainable fashion

ESGByte: Issue 6

In this edition, shareholders will continue to call the shots at JP Morgan for now, ESG enthusiasm brimmeth over for H&M, beer is about to get better still, Google, not so much and McDonald’s links exec pay to diversity…

ESGByte: Issue 5

In this edition, we note a rising interest in social bonds, more money for clean energy technology and fight against climate change , big oil companies looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

ESGByte: Issue 4

In this edition, we see more corporations / asset managers reducing their exposure to fossil fuels or targeting net neutrality on GHG emissions, British MPs batting for sustainable investments, and interestingly, the French state being convicted for its slow action on climate change mitigation.

ESGByte: Issue 3

The third edition welcomes President Joe Biden to the White House and his actions on climate change. We see financial institutions like Northern Trust and Bank of France adopting sustainable finance practices and committing towards a better environment. In the transport sector, while Volkswagen disappoints with Co2 emissions, Boeing gives hopes of cleaner air travel.

ESGByte: Issue 2

In the second edition – More power to the fight against climate change courtesy PepsiCo, Starbucks and Swedbank Robur. Meanwhile, more bad news for Samsung courtesy its vice-chairman. Also, India too is increasingly rooting for ESG disclosures!

ESGByte: Issue 1

Well, this is new(s)..Welcome to the first ever edition of ESGByte. While we were busy thinking about this HSBC ran into shareholder activism, Deutsche Bank owed money for bribery charges, Boeing owed much more for fraud and Google employees found strength in numbers.

De-jargoned: The ‘S’ Pillar

The ‘S’ in ESG stands for social and takes into account the manner in which a company manages its stakeholders. That is, how does the company choose, interact and manage its relationships with its suppliers, vendors, distributors, customers, employees and society in general.

De-jargoned: The ‘E’ Pillar

The ‘E’ in ESG that stands for environment is, perhaps, its most well-known factor. There is a fair amount of awareness among the general population about the impact of a company or an industry’s operations, products and services on the environment.

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