De-jargoned: Glossary of ESG terms

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There are currently 3 relevant ESG terms in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Water Funds
Funds that invest in companies providing technology, products and services relating to the water value chain, such as water distribution, management, treatment and analysis or irrigation. [Source: Schroders]

WMA - Swiss Federal Act on War Material
The WMA is a piece of Swiss legislation in force since 1998. This Act focuses on the fulfilment of Switzerland's international obligations and the respect of its foreign policy principles by means of controlling the manufacture and transfer of war material and related technology. At the same time, it aims at maintaining Swiss industrial capacity adapted to the requirements of its national defense. The WMA was amended in 2013 to include the prohibition of the production as well as the direct financing of controversial weapons, encompassing cluster munition, anti-personal mines, as well as biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Switzerland is one of the 13 countries regulating the financing of controversial weapons. [Source: Swiss Sustainable Finance]

Wolf-pack Strategy
A strategy where multiple hedge funds, each with minority positions in a company, work together to force change on a target company. [Source: Stanford: Corporate Governance Research Initiative]


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