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ESGByte, Headline Content

ESGByte: Issue 7

In this edition, Green hydrogen picks up steam in Australia; BNP Paribas to answer for accusations against it on human rights violations; IKEA’s foundation gives a leg up to sustainable investing; Natwest supports affordable housing; we finally come to know what flying on an Airbus plane costs the planet in CO2 emissions; British gas embracing electric vehicles and Philips achieves carbon neutrality…

ESGByte, Headline Content

ESGByte: Issue 4

In this edition, we see more corporations / asset managers reducing their exposure to fossil fuels or targeting net neutrality on GHG emissions, British MPs batting for sustainable investments, and interestingly, the French state being convicted for its slow action on climate change mitigation.

ESGByte, Headline Content

ESGByte: Issue 3

The third edition welcomes President Joe Biden to the White House and his actions on climate change. We see financial institutions like Northern Trust and Bank of France adopting sustainable finance practices and committing towards a better environment. In the transport sector, while Volkswagen disappoints with Co2 emissions, Boeing gives hopes of cleaner air travel.

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