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REPORT: Silver Spoon Oligarchs

Silver spoon oligarchs: How America’s 50 Largest Inherited-Wealth Dynasties Accelerate Inequality Chuck Collins | Joe Fitzgerald | Helen Flannery Omar Ocampo | Sophia Paslaski | Kalena Thomhave Introduction Much of the media’s focus today is on new wealth billionaires like

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Recognising diversity, equity and inclusion

Recognising diversity, equity and inclusion Submitted 15/06/2021 – 3:05pm Jensen Partners: Best Recruitment Consultant — The past year has seen alternative asset management firms sharpening their focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As many firms look to launch new

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SEC Chief Gensler Appoints New Executive Team

Amanda Fischer, a Capitol Hill veteran who worked with Gensler during the Biden-Harris transition, will be his senior counselor.        Related Stories Gundlach: Stimulus Fueling ‘Distortions’ in Economy – Enclosure Interactive Brokers to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading by Summer’s End –

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Not just a phase for RNAs

A phenomenon in which an RNA named NORAD drives a protein named Pumilio to form liquid droplets in cells, much like oil in water, appears to tightly regulate the activity of Pumilio. A new study suggests that such RNA-driven ‘phase

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3 Social Security do-over options

I often receive emails from financial advisers asking for guidance on how to help a client undo a Social Security claiming decision. Sometimes it involves someone who claimed benefits early and now regrets collecting reduced monthly benefits rather than holding

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